Let's Start With General Information About Epika

Epika is an advertising agency founded by two good friends who refuse to look at the advertising world from afar and aim to be a part of this world and even direct it.

While establishing Epika, we dreamed of an agency where ideas and aesthetics rise together. Since then, we have been serving our customers in every field where they need creative thinking. We help them to take the right steps in business life by proving to them the fact that "the good and bad of advertising" is a fact that we believe in until the end. Our enthusiasm to create a neighborhood addicted to snails always gives us strength.

If we take the work we have done as a basis from the beginning, we can say that we were a "conventional advertising agency". However, in the following years, we have evolved into an agency that can provide 360-degree services, due to both the increase in the number of our team and the thinning of the distinction between conventional and digital.

We have a considerable portfolio, especially in terms of logo design and corporate identity creation. In addition, we offer solutions in advertising campaigns, production, graphic design, seo and mobile compatible web applications, google adwords, digital marketing and sales projects. We also did a lot of work in the field of annual and sustainability reports. In fact, we were happy to be on the list with the bronze award in the "Activity Report of the Year" category in the 12th International Stevie Awards held every year.

In addition to the ones mentioned above, we have recently added “social media”, the new and fast child of the industry, to our services. We successfully carry out the social media activities of our customers.